Choreo Workshop

All right mighty aerialists!

So….you now know some cool skills/tricks/drops/climbs. So….now what?
Want to find you own aerial voice? It’s high time you perform!
I will be your aerial act – making tour guide.
I’ll walk you through the art of creation in the air!

Let’s do this!
(Fist bump), Amy


If you can’t make a class time…no worries.
You have open studio times at no charge to make up the time you missed!
Choreographic workshop predominantly taught by Amy Ell.
Amy is a renowned choreographer whose multi-planar works often feature
simultaneously or inextricably intertwined movement in the air and on the floor.
Amy’s choreographic works have been performed
throughout the United States, South America, and Europe.
She teaches advanced aerials, act creation and act refinement annually
at the Irish Aerial Dance Festival in Letterkenny, Ireland.